Advantages of Windows 7

Of course there are reasons why this OS is so popular (in addition to enterprise dependence on Microsoft products of course), in the opinion of many technology bloggers, Windows 7 is one of the best compromises of Windows in terms of stability and simplicity of the UI that makes it easy to learn, more or less the same reasons as people’s preferences against MacOS, but Windows 7 has the advantage in terms of functionality. As a worker who is involved in relationships with many companies globally, I still even maintain using Windows 7 for my PC and laptop, because many of my software runs better on this version of Windows.

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The advantages of Windows 7

And without waiting too long, here is a WinPoin review about the advantages and disadvantages of Windows 7.

1 | Stable and Complete

We often hear complaints about the lack of stability of Windows 10. This is rarely found in Windows 7. This OS is very stable. Compatibility with third-party software is also quite high. Application crashes rarely occur that interfere with OS performance.

Apart from that the drivers that are compatible with Windows 7 are very complete. You won’t have a hard time adjusting hardware with Windows 7, especially if you use hardware 2016 and below – Because some 2016 hardware products and above are made specifically for Windows 10.

2 | Easily Find Compatible Software for Work and Productive Activities

If you are a worker or an enterprise that requires a lot of work support software, then Windows 7 is the answer. The average software maker for the enterprise does not rush to upgrade the software to a higher version, because they are still worried that the new OS is not stable. Related to this, indeed when Windows 10 was released, there were still many developers who  wait and see,  not rushing to develop software for Windows 10. This is why you will find more complete software in the Windows 7 version.

3 | Complete Multimedia

This is understandable. Because of its old development, almost all multimedia is compatible to be played on Windows 7. When I use the default Windows 10 video player (Movies and TV), there are several formats that cannot be played, and do not allow for codec updates, so the only alternative is me must use a third party multimedia player. This is different from Windows 7 which has a complete codec, so if you are involved in the multimedia field, then Windows 7 will be easier to help you.

4 | Easier Learning Curve

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Because of its simple shape and appearance, Windows 7 is easier to learn. When compared to Windows 10 which sometimes still has dualism in its UX, then Windows 7 is clearly easier to use. This is one of the advantages of using Windows 7.

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