How To Clean The Air Vents In Your Home

With a constant flow of air through air vents, especially AC air vents during the summer months, they can get very dirty. The problem with dirty air ventilation is reducing the effectiveness of the ventilation itself and, worse, it can recirculate dust and pollen throughout the house’s breathing air. You will be surprised at how quickly and easily you reach clean air vents in your home. канальный вентилятор малошумный

Especially after construction projects including drywall (such as air vents), you must clean the air vents thoroughly.

If you look through the air vent cover to the filter, you will see that it is a vent and filter that is covered by dusty debris. It was (past) time to carry out the cleansing action.

Start by loosening the hooks of your air vent cover. Watch out for air filters, because they might loose and sit on the cover.

There is no need for a strict inspection of the air filter to realize that it is too late to change. Your air filter must be replaced at least every three months, as a general rule, or sooner after projects that release a lot of dust into the air. Note the combination of three numbers printed on the side of your air filter (in this case, 20 x 20 x 1). This is the size of the air filter that you need to replace it.

You can try to suck the air filter, but this will take a long time and won’t clean the filter thoroughly. This is a case where you have to buy a new filter. Find one that matches the combination of these three numbers. It doesn’t cost a lot of money, and it’s worth having clean air in your home. (Tip: Buy two or three filters at a time so you always have one on hand to replace.) Set the new filter to the side.

Now it’s time to clean the air vent cover. Remove completely from the ceiling or wall but take off the last two connection points.

In the bathtub or outside, run a little water on the air vent cover.

Use a soft hand brush to clean the dirt. Wash toward the vents on one side, then flip the cover and repeat on the other side. Rinse all impurities from both sides of your air vent.

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Place the air vent cover in a dry place, preferably sunny, to dry completely.

When the air vent cover dries, you can clean the air ventilation frame. You don’t want to add a lot of water vapor, as in a cleaning spray, because it tends to unite the dirt and make it more difficult to remove because it sticks to gaps and holes. Use a baby towel or paper towel that is very moist and clean all dust.

You might want to use a cleaning toothbrush to get into the gaps your fingers can’t get.

The entire ceiling area around your air vents may be dusty due to constant use, and this example is no exception. Bits of dust have stuck themselves to the sides of the air vents of all the texture bits of the ceiling.

Lightly moisten the same soft bristled hand brush, and gently rub the ceiling in a circular motion to remove dust. You should wash your hand brush frequently, or you will only move dirt from one part of the ceiling to another. Rinse and rub and rinse and rub until the ceiling around the air vents is clean.

Wet parts of the house tend to attract future dust more than dry ones, so once you have cleaned the dirt, use a clean, dry, and soft cloth to dry the ceiling. Microfiber cloth works well here.

With everything – the air vent cover, the air ventilation frame, and the surrounding ceiling – clean and dry, it’s time to replace your air vents. Hook the two air vent cover latches into place, then set the new air filter on the cover. Pay attention to the direction of the air flow arrow on the side of your filter; it must lead to the blower motor.

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