How to make Passive Income from Ebook?

In recent years there has been a shift in the way people read books. If decades ago, physical books were the only source of information in book form, this is not the case now. Nowadays ebooks tend to be more popular than physical books. Many people consider that ebook sales immediately beat print book sales. Bookzz

Listening to the enormous potential of the ebook business, then we can also take advantage of this momentum. We can even achieve passive income by using an ebook. How to generate passive income from an ebook?

In an interesting presentation in this article, I will discuss step by step that can be done if you want to generate passive income from writing an ebook.

What is the essence of the Ebook Business?

Doing ebook business is like when we become writers and booksellers in the real world. When we do the ebook business, we will act like writers in the real world. We will write a manuscript, which will be published later. It’s just that, later we will publish the manuscript in the form of an ebook (digital book). To run an ebook business, you don’t have to work with publishers. Why? Because you can publish the ebook yourself.

Later, after your ebook is published, the ebook will be marketed. When your ebook sells, you will get an income right away. If you self-publish your ebook, then the money from selling the ebook will entirely be yours. This is different when we publish books through publishers in the real world. If we become a writer who publishes books through major publishers, we only get a royalty of 10% of the price of our books.

What Topics Can Be Made into an Ebook?

Any topic can be the topic of your ebook. While the ebook is in demand, your ebook will continue to sell. One easy way to see whether your ebook is in demand or not is to do a survey at a bookstore. The books that are published in bookstores certainly have demand. If there is no demand, how could publishers want to invest their capital to finance the publication of the book. Well, check if your ebook topic has a printed book version yet. If you don’t have it then your topic might not be interesting / needed by people.

How to make an ebook?

Before publishing an ebook, we need to know what ebook formats are commonly sold. The ebook format that is commonly sold is the ebook in PDF ( Portable Document Format ) format . To create a PDF ebook is relatively easy. You only need to convert the script in .doc format to PDF format. Your ebook script will be written in .doc format in Microsoft Word or similar software.

After your manuscript is finished, the script is just converted to PDF format. You can use PDF printer software to convert doc files to PDF. One free PDF printer software that can be used is Slim PDF Reader .

Example ebook in PDF format.

Example ebook in PDF format.

How to Sell and Distribute Ebooks?

After your ebook is published in PDF format, then the ebook must be stored on the server. The goal is that your ebook can later be accessed from all over the world. To save ebook files on the internet, you can use web hosting services or use file sharing services . One file sharing service that is suitable for storing ebooks is Dropbox. Compared to 4Shared, Mediafire, or other services, it will be safer if you save your ebook in Dropbox.

Later, those who have paid for your ebook can immediately be directed to your ebook download page.

The next question, how do you sell an ebook?

To sell ebooks, there are three choices for you.

  • First choice: You can work with digital product marketplace sites . Examples of digital product marketplace sites  for example: You can use marketplaece sites like to sell your ebook. You can work with the marketplace. When you work with marketplace sites, they will take care of selling your ebook. You can use the system that they have provided. It’s just that, when you work with a marketplace site, there will be  profit sharing  between you and the marketplace. Not infrequently, the marketplace also charges fees if you want to use their sales system.
  • Second choice: You can publish an ebook through an ebook publishing service . Examples of ebook publishing services include: Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing . If in Indonesia, you can use site . also provides a platform that can be used for ebook publications.
  • The third option: sell an ebook through your website . For example like I did on the Ebook Business School website . I built my own ebook sales website. Next, I use the website to sell my ebooks.

That’s the steps and ways to generate passive income from the ebook business. To be able to make your ebook selling well, you need to have qualified internet marketing skills.

Greetings Super Success!

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