Tips for a Special Bali Vacation for Beginners to Make Your Way Fun

Holiday Tips for Beginners For the Special Bali pleasant way. Get to know a little about Bali Before a vacation to Bali. The island of Bali is also often referred to as the island of the Gods. With a variety of tourist attractions, you can enjoy almost everything on this island. 

Starting from the beautiful beach beaches, such as Kuta beach, Seminyak beach, Double six beach,  Pandawa Beach the latest tourist attractions in Bali.

Beautiful temples that you can visit such as Ulun Danu Beratan are famous as the icons of the island of Bali. Various kinds of watersports, zoos, waterparks, even volcano trekking activities can be done in Bali! As to  the volcano, Mount Batur which is located in Kintamani.

Not surprisingly, it is not only domestic travelers who admire the beauty of Bali, foreign tourists are not a few who come for a vacation to the island of Bali.

For those of you who live outside of Bali and want to take a vacation trip to Bali for the first time, here I want to share holiday tips to Bali specifically for you who are beginners.

Tips for holidays to Bali specifically for beginners to have a pleasant walk:

1. Find the right time

Before making a vacation plan to Bali, we must know the season and the right time to visit Bali. This is important to research before buying a travel ticket. Because all this can also affect the price of accommodation such as airline tickets, hotels and others.

Between April and September is the best time because it is the dry season. In this month, the beaches are usually clean and the temperature is almost stable. Sometimes it rains, but only a few times.

The busiest time or often known as High Season is July and August. Because of the many foreign tourists coming in this month. Because in their country, there is a culture called Summer Holiday that allows people to take a vacation in these two months. In these two months accommodation prices usually skyrocket.

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And in other months, like April, May, June and September is a good time and many discounts for hotel rental. The restaurant is rather quiet and many promotions are offered by stores.

October has begun to rain, but a little compared to the following month. Other high seasons in Bali besides July and August are during the Easter, Christmas and New Year holidays.

Tips on vacation to Bali on this one, you need to consider that your vacation is fun. Don’t want a vacation to Bali right in the rainy season? It will definitely disturb your vacation

2. Hotels and Lodging Places.

Book a hotel or villa before leaving. For the first time tourists to Bali, they usually will head to the southern regions of Bali. Namely areas such as, Kuta, Legian, Seminyak and surrounding areas. Because that’s where the tourist center of Bali.

In these areas a lot of lodging. From the expensive (luxury) and the cheap. Adjust the budget you want to use. In the Kuta area, there are many star hotels with various facilities in them. Like the availability of swimming pools, GYM places, restaurants, to bars, which are ready to spoil you on your vacation time.

Hotel in Kuta
Swimming pool One of the hotel facilities in Kuta

If you are looking for a budget of 400 and below, in the area of ​​Poppies 1 and 2, the Tuban area, up to Jalan Bakung Sari are widely available. In this area there are many places to stay like a guest house.

3. Transportation

To visit Bali, there are several transportation that can be reached. Namely by land and air. The fastest and easiest route is of course by plane. Land routes can use buses.

For price information please check the website for transportation services. I can’t explain everything because the prices are all different. For aircraft from Jakarta, approximately 600 thousand is the cheapest, depending on which aircraft.

if for a bus from Jakarta it costs around 450 thousand. It would be better if you want to get on a plane, order a plane ticket from far away, maybe the price will be cheaper.

4. Rent a Motorcycle or Car 

At present, there are a lot of motorbikes or cars that fill the streets of Bali. Traffic jams are often inevitable too. Especially when during recess and people who come home from work. Therefore, travelers if you want to travel in Bali, you should rent a motorbike to make it easier and faster to explore this island of the gods.

But if it comes with a family or group, a private car rental will be better. Or rent a car at the same time with the driver it will also be even better. Because the driver knows better the way in Bali and is guaranteed not to get lost. And also the drivers can recommend places for tourism and restaurants that suit your tastes and desires.

Lots of places to rent a car or motorcycle in Bali. Usually around your inn, there are also many car and motorcycle rentals. Or use public transportation like Taxi, also widely scattered in Bali.

Those are the choices you can use to fulfill your needs while on holiday in Bali.

5 Culinary

Various kinds of typical foods such as local, archipelago, or foreign specialties are also available here. From the expensive or the cheap. If you want to find halal food, suggest I look for food stalls such as Padang, Baso and chicken noodle restaurants, and general restaurants that sell typical Javanese food, for example.

Like the Tuban area, there are many places that provide halal food and the archipelago. Plus, in this area the price of food is cheaper than you eat in Kuta and areas that are usually foreign tourists are located. You only need to walk, exit the Kuta area to go to Tuban.

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