Regret Robert Oppenheimer, Inventor of the Atomic Bomb

 Albert Einstein is often associated with the atomic bomb used to destroy the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In fact, the inventor of the atomic bomb was actually  Robert Oppenheimer.

Fully named Julius Robert Oppenheimer, he was the main actor and leader in the making of the atomic bomb that was successfully detonated in the cities of Hiroshhima and Nagasaki.

By scientists he was nicknamed “Father of Atomic Bomb”. Einstein was also influential in making the Atomic bomb, but his role was small when compared to Robert Oppenheimer. World’s Smallest MRI

Theory E = mc ^ 2 is one of the bases for the release of the atomic bomb’s massive energy. But Albert Einstein actually did not directly jump into the main Atomic bomb project.

In August 1939, Einstein wrote a letter to US President Franklin Roosevelt to warn that the Nazis were working on a powerful new weapon, the Atomic Bomb.

Because of a letter from Albert Einstein that the US government in December 1941 launched an ambitious project called “Manhattan Project”.

Robert Oppenheimer.  [Image Journal].
Oppenheimer. (Atom Heritage)

Together with 3,000 other physics scientists, Robert Oppenheimer examined a bomb that would one day be known as an Atomic bomb. He is a major figure in the Manhattan Project because he is fully responsible for the research and design of the Atomic bomb.

A year before the Manhattan Project was launched, he was already researching the speed of a nuetron and how much material was needed to make a bomb.

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Quoted from, an interval of 3 years after the US government appointed him to be the research leader, an Atomic bomb was finally created. 

In August 1945, Atomic bombs were dropped on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The bomb finally killed around 200 thousand people in the two cities. Ironically, after that research Robert Oppenheimer regretted his discovery and turned toward campaigning for the Atomic bomb for peace.

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