Tips for Making Cool Bedrooms Without Air Conditioning

Hot weather makes you have trouble sleeping. You will wake up from the sweat that floods your body. Different if the weather is cloudy and rainy, then you can sleep more soundly because the temperature of the room in a cool room.

Tips for Making Cool Bedrooms Without Air Conditioning

But with the technology of air conditioning or air conditioner (AC), the room in the house can always be cool, even when the weather is hot. However, in fact you can also make your home feel вентиляция решетка cool even without using air conditioning or also a fan.

Well, here are the tips on how to make a cool bedroom without AC:

Give ventilation

Air ventilation is very important for the process of circulation, air in and out. If there is no ventilation, then the air in the room feels stuffy, not good for your health.

Light blue wall paint

Wall paint colors affect the atmosphere of the room. You can paint the walls of your bedroom with a light blue color that radiates coolness. You will feel cooler when in it. Because the light blue color can make the mind more relaxed because it is identical to the sea blue color. For color balance, also combine white in your bedroom.

Wooden floor

Wood will absorb cold temperatures at night and spread it throughout the room so that your room feels cooler with a radiant natural warmth effect for a minimalist and classic style room design.

Expand the window

The window functions so that the wind can blow into the room and cool the room when the weather is hot. So, multiply the window of the room so that the air in the room is getting cooler.

Turn off the lights while sleeping

Light can keep you awake and bring heat into the bedroom. So, you better turn off the lights when sleeping. However, if you are afraid of the dark, then you can use a light sleeper that is dimmer.

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