Dangers of Pollution in Homes Without Ventilation

Unlike conventional homes, most modern homes are built without air ventilation. As a replacement, installed air conditioning (AC) in almost every room. Unwittingly, the danger lurks at home without ventilation.

Dangers of Pollution in Homes Without Ventilation

“A house without ventilation inhibits air circulation,” said Dr. Ong Kian Chung, Mount Elizabeth Hospital’s Respiratory Specialist, to media crews at Aliwal Arts Center, Singapore, on Tuesday (21/6). Even though at home there are pollutants, kinds of cigarette smoke and candles, furniture dust, приточно-вытяжная установка с роторным рекуператором deodorant sprays and anti-insects.

Various kinds of pollutants, according to the lecturer at the National University of Singapore, worsened the air quality in the house. This is of course very dangerous to health since humans need oxygen gas to breathe. The result of breathing in the form of energy for activities.

Once breathing, the average human breathes 500 milliliters of air, 20 percent of which is oxygen. Under normal circumstances, humans breathe and release air 20 times. Imagine, how tortured the lungs if the air that is inhaled daily in the house contains harmful pollutants.

Especially if the house is located in a pollutant-laden environment affected by traffic density, or forest fires. Dirty air that enters and is trapped in the house when windows and doors happen to open will disturb breathing. Over time, can trigger serious respiratory disease.

For those who have a “sensitive nose” and are easily allergic, such as asthma, pollutants in the home, according to Dr. Ong, will worsen the condition of the respiratory tract, even his lungs. “They can experience allergies, coughing continuously, difficulty breathing, and even worse, cancer.”

Pollutants in the house are even more dangerous if there are babies or toddlers among residents. Their immune system, said Dr. Ong, still weak and still developing less than half of the adult. So if you are exposed to pollutants in the house continuously for a long time, the condition will be severe.

Rely on Air Purifier

If the condition of a house full of pollutants — cigarette smoke and candles, furniture dust, deodorant sprays and anti-insects — plus the condition outside the house is exacerbated by motor vehicle pollution and others, Dr. Ong suggested closing doors and windows, then installing an air purifier. That way, air quality is better.

In this case, the Dyson Pure Cool Link air purifier from the UK is one that can be relied upon to reduce pollution in modern homes that are on average not equipped with air ventilation. This tool sucks smoke and pollution quickly, so that the air in the house is fresher and healthier.

The air purifier as well as the fan can be used 12 hours per day, or if necessary, set all day in automatic mode. Environmentally friendly materials and bag-friendly electrical energy consumption are added value to Dyson Pure Cool Link. Moreover, the design is also cute, modern and resilient.

The minimalist design of the Dyson Pure Cool Link is also safe for children. A cool breeze flows from a thin gap at the edge of a round or oval plane that has a work pattern similar to an aircraft turbine. Without a propeller like a conventional fan, so as not to endanger the children who play nearby.

With light weight, Dyson Pure Cool Link is easily moved to any room in the house where the residents spend the longest time. The reach of one device includes a space of 15 square meters in diameter. In addition, maintenance is also very easy, just lift the filter cylinder and clean it.

“In addition to pollutants such as cigarette smoke, this tool can also absorb unpleasant odors, such as fish dishes with a strong aroma, as well as the odor of wall paint,” said Jim Roovers, Head of SEA Electronic, Research and Development Dyson to media crews at Dyson Operation Pte. Ltd, Singapore, on Tuesday (21/6).

But Jim did not recommend that residents of the house open their doors and windows wide so that pollution in the outside environment could enter the house and then be muted by Dyson Pure Cool Link. “This tool is used to reduce all pollution in the [modern closed house without air ventilation],” he stressed.

Then according to its function, Dyson Pure Cool Link absorbs pollution, purifies the air and spreads fresh cool air. With the condition of the house cleaner and the air quality in the house better, the body of the residents are healthier.

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