The Importance of Self Confidence

The Importance of Self Confidence

Do you believe in your own abilities?

Do you even underestimate your abilities so that you don’t believe in doing anything?

I believe everyone, including you, will only do what you think is confident and able to do. You will not want to do that if deep down you don’t believe you can do it. Even though you do it, you must be half-hearted.

So to say, whether you want to do something or not depends on how much confidence you have. You must be difficult to do something big if your confidence is very small.

This small confidence will make you the main enemy of yourself. You start to underestimate yourself.

“I canstupid. How come I can. “

“I won’t be able to do it.”

“This is not my expertise.”

“Ah, I am this can S-3 graduates (SD Certificate Only), where can I be a great person? “

“I’m just an ordinary person, I don’t deserve to dream.”

You yourself look at yourself. Automatically your confidence falls. As a result, the ability of the self also decreases significantly from the actual capacity.

Honestly, we as humans have enormous potential. The problem is that the potential is hampered just because we don’t believe we can, but haven’t tried it yet. Many people are fond of being a small fortune teller by predicting that they will not succeed. Is that true? Not necessarily. First-class fortune tellers can be wrong, especially ordinary people who predict with unreasonable conclusions.

Not just trying it has sentenced me, “I definitely can’t.” 

I haven’t just started dropping ten divorces, “You can’t, period.”

Without any evidence immediately sentenced him, “For a lifetime, this must continue.”

You experience a severe crisis of confidence, making it difficult to achieve anything.

Did you know that when you are not confident, what do you do usually looks bad in your eyes? You always feel the results of what you do always look flawed. So, you are underestimating yourself. All of this has its roots in your self-confidence in your abilities. Even though other people judge good, you still feel bad because insecurity turns your focus towards the ugly.

So why is confidence so important? Because self-confidence is directly related to potential and ability. The lower your confidence, the more potential you hide. The potential is directly related to what can be achieved. When your potential and abilities diminish, the results obtained are smaller than the big results that you can actually achieve.

Self-confidence -> potential -> results achieved

Self-confidence affects the potential that ultimately affects the results you achieve.

That’s why people who don’t believe in themselves have a hard time doing big things. They are not sure of their abilities. So, they only believe in being able to do small things.

When asked, “Are you sure you can’t succeed?”, They will answer, “It’s impossible. I’m just a small person, an ordinary person. “What is the reaction of that person when meeting big opportunities? Usually they will just skip it. Insecurity decreases actual abilities so that opportunities look very large and unreachable.

You see for yourself how detrimental it is when you are not sure what you can do. Great potential is slowly buried, getting deeper and deeper until it is forever buried.

You must be aware that humans are blessed with abilities, capacities and potential that can be said to be unlimited. Miracle after miracle keeps happening. Things outside logic and imagination continue to emerge. So you also have to believe that you have the potential to do and achieve anything. You have to be confident you can do it.

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