How to Find Broken Links and fix Broken Links

When you visit this website page, I’m sure you have a website and right now, you’re trying hard to find out how to find broken links and also how to fix broken links on your website. Indeed, broken links on our website can endanger our website in several ways:

  • Making bad user experience – this is how it is, when someone visits our website and he clicks on one of the links on our website it turns out that there is a broken link that can make them feel annoyed and worse they don’t want re-visit your website.
  • Bringing a bad effect on Website SEO – if there is a broken link on your website, this will have a detrimental effect on ranking your website in search engines.

Some people say that the outgoing link is an error or is corrupt (both internal and external) this can get rid of “link juice” – this is due to the workings of the Google PageRank algorithm.

Some other people also say, if there is a broken link on our website, this will prevent the Google crawling engine from working on our website.

But in my opinion aside from that technical problem, one thing that I think serp api is important is: the broken link out link (both internal and external) will make the user experience worse .

There are two types of broken links that usually occur on a website:

1 # Internal Link

Internal links point to or refer to one page on your website leading to another page. This link is what you can control on your website. For example on the “Tutorial” page, I will direct the reader to see the next guide on the next page

So, every time you make any changes, you must always ensure that your Internal Link is active or not? If you want to read more about the importance of Internal Links for SEO, you can read this article.

2 # External Link

External links or outbound links (outbound links) that point or point to other websites where we refer to other websites.

To find out and check external links, it takes time, especially if your website is a large website and there are many outbound links, here you also cannot hold control because the other websites you refer to are not yours, the website might be closed. So when the link is clicked it errors. This will also have an influence on your website. Because when Google Spider detects too many pages 404, the value of your website will drop according to the search engine’s perspective.

So if you have dead link thoughts that don’t have a negative impact on our website, you are wrong.

Therefore you have to really make sure to fix it – and this is very easy to do!

You must do this regularly to check for broken links on your website. Indeed this is a job that will take time and must be carried out continuously, therefore you must have a well-timed and time-management work that must be disciplined.

If you want to know how to clean a broken link, you are not alone. I have done this work routinely even though I am often overwhelmed and remember that some of my websites do it myself without the help of others.

# Finding Broken Link with the Broken Link Checker Plugin

broken link plugin

For those who use WordPress you can be grateful because there is a plugin that will make it easier for you to find broken links automatically on all pages of your website.

1 # Download the plugin through your dashboard.

2 # install and activate this plugin.

3 # Please enter the Settings >> Link Checker section

broken link plugin 2

If you look at the tab ” General ” will see by default a list of some links that might be damaged that have been detected automatically in the “Status” section. You will also be able to find out how many broken links. You can check by clicking on the links

In the settings of this plugin you can set it according to your wishes, when this plugin works and when this plugin should check for broken links and notify via your email if there is indeed a broken link found on your website.

Then in the ” Look for Links ,” you are required to choose the settings anywhere this plugin must check. By default the settings will check the Pages, Posts and comment sections only.

If you find some error links, then later in the new tab section there will be a Tools menu panel >> Broken Link.

What is needed after you see and find out some broken links is that you immediately fix the detected broken links.

  • Edit URL : Change the URL of the link itself. If this link appears on several pages, the plugin will automatically replace several URLs with the new URL.
  • Unlink : We only delete the link, but the text still exists.
  • Not Broken : Mark and notify that this link is not damaged.
  • Dismis : You tell to hide links from ” broken links ” and also from ” redirects “
broken link plugin 3

So that is my short guide if you want to check broken links using the help of a plugin. This method only applies to WordPress users.

# Find Broken Link with Xenu

Another free tool that you can use and recommend is Xenu Link Sleuth . Indeed, when you visit this website, maybe some of us will suspect that the website pages are not very good and are rarely updated. But this is a free tool that you can use to check and find broken links regularly to this day. Even this tool is also recommended by large websites like WordStream.

After you install it please open this software then please click File – Check URL and enter your website and then click ” check external links “, and click “OK” to do the analysis.

xenu broken link checker

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