Printer Sharing Via Wifi or LAN

Printer Sharing Via Wifi or LAN 

Settings for PC / Laptop connected to the printer

“provided that the printer is installed on the PC / Laptop” 
Windows that is now used is Windows 7

  1. Start – Devices & Printers
  2. Right-click the Printer icon that we want to Share,
  3. then select “Printer Properties”
  4.  Klik “Sharing” & Centang “Share this Printer” 
  5. then click “OK”
  6. Enter Control Panel and follow the next step;

Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Change advance Sharing Center/ Advance Sharing Center

  • klik turn on network discovery
  • klik turn on file and printer sharing
  • klik turn on sharing so anyone with network access
  • klk use 128-bit enycription to help protec file sharing
  • klik turn off password proctected sharing

7. klik save change

Settings for Second PC / Laptop

In order to print directly How to Repair an Unreadable External Hard Drive via the network using a PC / Laptop to Two, follow the steps below;

  1.  Click Network – click to connect (if any) 
  2. After the PC display appears – Laptop as shown below, then  choose a PC – Laptop where the printer is plugged in / installed  
  3. If there is a printer display, right click, connect as shown below: 
  4. Wait until downloading – Installing finish.

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