Detection of DNSChanger Malware on a Computer

Detection of DNSChanger Malware on a Computer

Detection of DNSChanger Malware on a Computer to avoid a virus attack on July 9, 2012. This warning detection software is delivered by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) to avoid this malicious malware attack. Have you detected your computer from this malware DNS server? if not, you should immediately check the presence of this rogue virus so that you can be sure your computer’s condition is completely free of dnschanger malware. Want to know how to check this bad virus from your computer, please read on this article.

Before checking the presence of this malware, we should first get acquainted with this malware. DNSChanger DNS (Domain Name System) malware is an Internet service that converts user-friendly domains full names into numeric Internet protocol (IP) addresses that computers are used to communicate with each other. When you enter a domain name, such as in the address bar of your web browser, your computer contacts the DNS server to determine the IP address for the website. Your computer then uses the IP address to search and connect to the website. The DNS server is operated by an Internet service provider (ISP) and is included in your computer’s network configuration. DNS and DNS Server are important components of your environment without operating this computer, you will not be able to access the website, send e-mail,

Cybercriminals have Cara Menghilangkan Watermark learned that if they can control users of DNS servers, they can control the sites of users who are connected to the internet. By controlling DNS, a criminal can trick unsuspecting users to connect to fake websites or interfere with online users browsing. One way criminals do this is by infecting computers with malicious class software (malware) called DNSChanger.

How to Check DNSChanger Virus on Your Computer

Already know friend, what is DNSChanger malware? now let’s follow how to check this malware DNS on each computer, huh?
If you use a computer with a Windows operating system, please open a command prompt. This can be done by selecting Run from the Start Menu (windows xp) and typing cmd or starting the command then pressing ENTER, this application is usually located in the Accessories folder in the computer’s Start Menu.

After the command prompt, type the following command: ipconfig / all so that the results can be seen as follows.
 DNSChanger Malware Detection on Computers to avoid dnschanger virus attacks on DNSChanger Malware Detection on Computers
Look for an entry that reads “DNS Server ……….:”
The DNS for your computer is certainly different from the one shown above.
Look at the DNS Server above is and, if the results of the DNS Server for your computer start with 85, 67, 93, 77, 213 or 64 (example: then your computer’s DNS has been used dnschanger malware. Immediately find a way out to fix this problem, apologize that until I write this article, I have not found a solution to overcome a computer that has been attacked or infected with dnschanger malware.

In addition to the method above, there is one fairly easy way to check your computer to find out if your computer has been attacked by this malicious malware server. The car is only by visiting a site, on the site visited it immediately detects the IP that we use, then displays information to us, whether our computer is safe or has been infected with malware. If you want to check your computer, please visit the site and see the results.

If the result shows that resolution = Green then your computer is safe and not attacked by dnschanger, whereas the result shows resolution = Red then your computer has been used by dnschanger.
Thus the article from Computer Science about Detecting DNSChanger Malware on your computer, hopefully by detecting your computer, you are able to secure your computer early from DNSChanger malware attacks.

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