Tips for Caring for Mobile Modem

Tips for Caring for Mobile Modem 

Mobile modem in question is a modem that is easy to carry everywhere, either CDMA modem or GSM modem. This mobile modem requires maintenance so that it can last longer and last longer in its use. The following are tips for caring for a mobile modem to last a long time.

1. Store in a safe place

Keep your modem in a safe place like in a bag and do not store it along with heavier objects so it can override the modem itself. If you do not carry a bag, preferably a modem is stored in the pockets or pockets of the front. Do not store modems in too hot areas, such as direct sunlight. Avoid your modem from magnetic areas like speakers.

2. Always use the modem port cover

On the USB port modem is usually equipped with a cover. The cover should not be considered trivial, because the cover protects the USB port from dust, so don’t forget to always close your modem when it’s not in use. Apart from closing the modem, it can avoid dust, the modem cover also protects the modem from liquids such as water and others.

3. Use the modem as needed

At one time use must be considered the need, do not let the use exceed the capabilities of the modem itself. For example, you should not play too long online games, because playing games online for too long can damage the modem itself. When you have finished using the modem, everything is disconnected and rejects the modem and then disconnects the modem from the computer’s USB port.

4. Don’t share it

In order to save money I have shared a modem to be used together with other family members. With a modem that can be used together, modem whiteboard counters are cheap but can be used by many people. Based on experiencein using a GSM modem, once sharing a modem to be used by more than 1 computer, making this modem quickly damaged and not durable, so suggestions from Computer Learning blogs , you should use a good mobile modem is a modem for only one computer unit.

5. Install the modem on the safe usb port

Each computer case is designed differently, especially the placement of the usb port front. There are manufacturers of cases that put the USB port on the front bottom, there are the front side left or right, there are also those that place the USB port on the front of the casing. When installing a modem, make sure that in the area around the modem there is no activity that can touch the modem so that it can damage the modem itself. 

Those are 5 tips for caring for a mobile modem to make it more durable and durable than. Hopefully these five tips can help friends loyal visitors to this blog to be able to take care of the modem properly. Hopefully this article is useful.

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