Most Damage On Desktop Computers

Most Damage On Desktop Computers 

Most Damage On Desktop Computers – Not all desktop computers often experience problems, but there are some desktop PCs that often experience minor damage problems, but because of ignorance of users, they consider it as severe damage because indeed desktop computers cannot be used if they are in trouble.

There are some issues that are often encountered by desktop PCs that cause the desktop computer to not function properly. The following is a bit of a science from which to handle desktop computers that are often broken.

1. The Computer Cannot Live

Computers can not live can be caused by several factors, including, damage to hardware, software and the installation factor of desktop computers that change. Desktop computers are identical to various cables installed outside the CPU and Monitor, both data cables and electric power cables. Both of these cables must be installed occasionally, whether the installed conditions are still sturdy or are loose and must be tightened again. Because these cables are outside the CPU and Monitor so that they can be changed at any time due to being touched or shifted or moving a table or place to put a desktop computer. Check the cable installed between the CPU and the electrical socket and CPU with the monitor.

In addition to damage caused by the installation of a cable that has been loose or not sturdy, there is also damage due to other penyabab.

2. Computer Live But Can’t Enter Windows

If damage like this is usually caused by 3 things, namely damage to the operating system software itself, hard disk damage and memory damage. But there is a possibility of damage to other components in the CPU.

Get to know the damage to a live computer but cannot enter Windows with various sounds. If a desktop computer cannot enter Windows and issue certain sounds, it is due to damage or memory crashes. Please read the article about How to Fix a Computer .

3. Computers Live But the Keyboard or Mouse Doesn’t Work

Desktop computer problems are alive, but the keyboard or mouse is not functioning is a trivial problem, but if not handled properly, we might experience losses.

Damage if the keyboard or mouse cannot function, do not immediately punish the keyboard or mouse is damaged, but try to check first using another keyboard or other mouse on the computer, if the keyboard or other mouse can function properly on the computer, then we can be sure that The keyboard or mouse is really broken, but what if after replacing another keyboard or mouse but still can’t function properly?

This must be considered because it could be a broken keyboard or mouse verdict is a wrong verdict. Thus it will be a futile new keyboard that has been bought. Therefore, first make sure the damage by exchanging the keyboard or other mouse or you can also try the keyboard or mouse on a different computer. It may not be a broken keyboard or mouse but a damaged port of the keyboard / mouse.

If there is damage to the keyboard or mouse port, the best and most efficient step is to buy a keyboard converter. If damage to the ps / 2 keyboard / mouse port, then buy the keyboard / mouse converter from ps / 2 to USB.

4. CPU Live But Monitor Does Not Appear Image

Damage to this model is also often experienced on desktop computers / PCs, this is usually because desktop computers are not used for some time. Holiday times like now are usually used for recreation to tourist attractions, and usually desktop computers are not below because the design of a desktop PC is not to go anywhere. Because it is not used for a long time, when turned on only the CPU is on but the monitor does not display images.

If you experience a problem like this, you should immediately turn off the CPU and monitor, then open the CPU case and remove the memory pieces and continue by re-installing the memory pieces. In this simple way the computer will be able to live again.

5. Self-Dead Desktop Computers

The article that explains the desktop computer penyabab suddenly died itself I have already written in this blog. For those who have never read it or who are in need of a way to overcome the computer to die alone, please read the article on this blog too. In the articleparse the cause of the Computer Dead Alone, by knowing the cause of the computer to die itself, it is hoped that it can overcome the dead computer itself. Please read the article Why Computers Are Alone .

6. Desktop Computer Requests Pressing a Specific Button

The condition of a desktop computer like this can also be experienced by other types of computers such as laptops. This is because the BIOS battery is not working properly, the BIOS battery is unable to store the initial system settings so the user is asked to press a certain button to enter the BIOS and fix it. The key that is usually requested to be pressed is the F1, F2, Del etc.

If this problem arises, you should make a new BIOS battery change in order to save the system settings including the date and time settings in the BIOS system.

7. Frequently Hange Computers (slow)

Computers that are getting older, usually the problem is the slower computer performance. The problem is that the hardware is not damaged and the RAM is large enough, but the work of the computer is still slow. This could be because the storage capacity is full. Considering that at this time we like to download songs, videos from YouTube so there is a possibility that the fast disk hrd is full.

Because the capacity of the hard disk is full, it causes the computer to work slowly even very slowly. Try to backup data such as music and videos that are rarely used elsewhere so that the hard disk is not full. Keep songs and videos that are often played just to keep the hard disk capacity balanced and not full. Besides being full of hard disks, you can also read articles about the Causes of Slow Computers .

That’s 7 damage most often on desktop computers, and there are still many other causes. But based on experience, the damage as above is the most frequent damage, and there are easy ways to overcome them. Please try it yourself to overcome it if you have time for it. Hopefully the info about the damage that occurs most often on this desktop computer can be useful.

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