How To Sharing the Internet In Windows 7

How To Sharing the Internet In Windows 7 

For speedy Telkom internet network users who want to share internet resources to be used together in their homes or offices, you need to read the article on how to share internet on Windows 7, so that your internet connection is not only used by one person but many people can access the internet by sharing the internet.

In this article, I explain how to share the internet with the type of connection using speedy telkom, while the internet connection uses a GSM or CDMA modem, you should not be shared because it is very burdensome for the modem to make the modem quickly damaged.

Internet Sharing Enhancements in Windows 7

To share internet on Windows 7, it is necessary to add several devices, namely LAN Card, Hub and also cables and RJ45 connectors. The function of the additional LAN Card is to continue the internet connection to the hub to be able to be distributed to other computer devices connected to the hub. The function of the hub is as an internet divider and controls the traffic of data communication in the network. As a liaison between the hub and the computer, UTP cables are used which are mounted on both ends of the RJ45 connector.

How to Sharing the Internet in Windows 7

To share internet on Windows 7, follow the following methods.

  1. Install additional LAN Card on PCI slot
  2. Connect the UTP cable that has an RJ45 connector installed between the main computer (PCI LAN Card) and the Hub.
  3. Connect the internet cable (cable connected to the internet) to the onboard Lan Card.
  4. IP address settings for onboard LAN cards, according to those obtained from telkom. If previously your computer was connected to the internet, then you don’t need to set ip on the onboard LAN Card.
  5. Klik Start-Control Panel
  6. Klik Network and Internet
  7. Klik Network and Sharing Center
  8. Klik Change Adapter Settings
  9. Double click on the network icon connected to the internet and click Properties]
  10. Click the Share tab and give a check mark to the text Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection
  11. Klik Close

The process of sharing internet on Windows 7 above is complete, and after completing the steps above, the computer automatically sets up the IP address for the PCI LAN Card to, if you share this computer you do it in Windows XP then the computer will change the ip address becomes

The next step is setting the ip address for each computer that is connected to the same Hub with the computer with the internet connection above. Set the ip address to and so on until

Similarly, how to share internet on Windows 7, hopefully this article can be useful for blog visitors. If you want to try Windows 8, please read the article How to install Windows 8.

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