Causes of Visitor Blogs Dropping Drastically

Causes of Visitor Blogs Dropping Drastically 

Causes of Blog Visitors Down Drastis – Shocked to see blog visitors who reach thousands of page views daily, but suddenly blog visitors drop dramatically, which previously reached thousands of visitors to blogs per day, now dropped dramatically to hundreds per day. The worse is not up to five hundreds, but only more than one hundred visitors per day, it seems to be a waste of all the articles on this blog.

The remaining daily visitors may be netter who is well acquainted with this Computer Learning blog, so they are active visitors who every day visit this blog to find Computer Science that is beneficial to them.

Causes of Visitors Blogs Down Drasti Cause Visitors Blog Dropped Drastically

It’s been a week for blog visitors dropped dramatically, I also have not looked for ways to increase visitors to this blog because they are still busy with other activities. Because I have not searched for ways to increase blog visitors, so this BIK blog is not crowded, even though previously it was quite crowded with visitors who were looking for knowledge about computers and how to fix computers.

For friends of visitors who had time to read this article, it might have experience to improve blog visitors, so that they are pleased to share their knowledge to help improve visitors to this Beginner Computer Learning blog.

A blog page that is opened every day between 4,500 and 6,500 pages per day, down from 7 July 2013 to 700 impressions per day. I hope the decline in visitors of this blog does not last long, and will be able to increase visitors again. Suggestions and tips from SEO masters are highly expected to be able to increase visitors to this blog and blogs that have similar problems with blogs.

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