Tips for being accepted as a google adsense publisher

Maybe many of us are wondering about this above. Specifically, who knows correctly, how to get our submissions received quickly by Google Adsense is only Google Adsense. But there is nothing wrong if we try to analyze how a blog can be received quickly and easily by google adsense.

In trying there is nothing instant and easy. All need sacrifice and seriousness. If you have been accepted as a google adsense publisher, of course you will try even harder so that your income increases and is stable, isn’t it. But that’s another thing, now let’s focus on discussing how the analysis of a blog can be quickly accepted.Terms are accepted into google adsense publisher

1. Age of Blog Owners Must be 18 Years and above

For those of you who want to join the Google Adsense program must be 18 years old. This has become a standard provision, so for those of you who have a blog and are not yet 18 years old do not try to send requests to publishers in Google Adsense, because you will certainly always be rejected. So wait for your age or even over 18 years.

2. Try your blog to speak English.

Of course we all know, that google adsense is centered in the US, and the first language supported is English, several languages ​​in Europe, the Middle East and East Asia. While Indonesian itself is recognized and can display adsense ad units in 2012.

Why does English become one of the factors of a blog can be accepted quickly? this is because it makes it easy for google adsense to verify your entire blog. We all know that the one who verifies is the google adsense team, so it’s the person who will verify the feasibility of your blog and not a machine or software. So it will make it easier for them to give an assessment of your blog.

3. Use Top Level Domain (TLD) 

Top Level Domain is a paid hosting and domain service. Where this domain extension suffix usually has dot com extension, dot co dot id and so on. Why is the Top Level Domain accepted faster when compared to the blogs we make from blogspot or youtube? Maybe this is because paid domains will look more professional and responsible for building the content and quality of blogs compared to free blogspot. 90% of blogs built with paid domains have a greater chance of being accepted.

But my advice, if you are new to the world of blogs and want to try to join the adsense program, it’s good to create a blog from blogspot first rather than buying a paid domain. Later to not get it even stumped prolonged. This is just my view.

Even if you already have a blog from blogspot and also have an adsense account. Then you cannot directly install the account in a blog created from blogspot, you must send a request to be able to use your adsense account in the blog with the paid domain. 

4. Pay attention to your blog traffic.

For this third point, your blog should be at least three months old. This we can assume with the age of the blog has reached three months, then your blog has been read and indexed on the Google page well, so the number of visits to your blog is getting crowded. Especially if you pay attention to the SEO on your blog so that with certain keywords, your blog can appear on the first page of Google.

In addition to the age of blogs and SEO, at least post about 30 articles with an average length of 1,000 characters. Google search engines prefer your posts that have more than 1,000 characters in length. This is assumed with a long article that is expected to provide complete and clear information in a discussion of your article, so that someone no longer needs to look for information from other blogs.

The explanation above is our general estimate, even though there are actually some people who have a new blog with a blog age of only one month and have posts about ten articles but when registering for google adsense, it can be received quickly. Here we try to estimate the average treatment of google adsense for blogs that submit forms to join the google adsense program.

5. Fill in Content with Good Quality

What is meant by the content of good quality content is content or articles that you write your own hand.The authenticity of an article must be the result of typing your own hand, do not try to copy paste from someone else’s blog. Because it will be considered a violation of copyright. If you want to copy paste from someone else’s blog, you must include the source you copied. 

Many blogs are scattered on the internet by discussing the same themes and topics, with you writing your own hand it will make your writing considered original and it is preferred and appreciated by google adsense. So learn to write an article with your own language and handwriting.

Apart from the contents of your own handwritten content, you also have to complete your blog with popular widget posts, recent posts and labels. And also add privacy police pages, disclaimer, contact us, term of service, sitemap and about me. I have written this widget and page in my previous post, please see my list of posts on this blog.

6. Avoid some of the following below.

For additional information for you, you should pay attention to the following things. Try to uninstall all the ads that you have listed on other advertising programs, use the default blogger template if you create a blog from blogger, discard all pages not found (404), register your blog on google webmaster, delete comments that are on the spam or moderation jasa backlink wiki page your message box so you can monitor it regularly, avoid creating active links that lead to other people’s blogs, don’t install third party widgets like histats, alexa and the like.

All you have to pay attention to, if you make an active link to someone else’s site, try to have a maximum of only two active links that point there. But as a suggestion you should simply paste the link address by making the text blue, as a sign that the text is an active link. But to go to that page can not be directly clicked, but must be copied past paste the link. Important points to be quickly accepted

From the description above, there are actually many more that must be considered so that our blog is quickly accepted by Google Adsense. Because to become a google adsense publisher is not an easy thing. especially nowadays, there are a lot of hosted and non-hosted blogs. Almost all problems in this world already exist on the internet with various types and forms of blogs.


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