7 Most Important Roles of Fathers in the Family

7 Most Important Roles of Fathers in the Family 

As a very important family leader, a father must be able to carry out his role well.

If a father cannot lead his family properly, it will have an adverse effect on other family members.

 As a very important family leader 7 Most Important Roles in the Family

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Here’s the role of a father in the family:

1. Meeting Needs (Livelihood)

Father is the party most responsible for fulfilling family needs. Even in earning a living, a father rarely ignores himself from the blazing sun, the heavy rains and fatigue.

As a father, he must realize that he is the one who is very responsible for fulfilling family needs.

2. Protect

Father always protects his family and children, he will desperately protect the security of his family members from the danger that comes.

Fathers who are close to family provide safety and comfort for children.

The results of the research have shown that generally children can avoid bullying if they have a father who can be close to their children.

3. Directing Children

The father provides wise provisions and advice for his children, so that children can get along well in their environment.

Provide good direction so that the child does not get lost in the way (falls in bad association) that destroys the future of the child.

Fathers must also be involved in caring for children, not just mothers. Although in fact children will be more often with their mothers because some of the time the father is used to work.

The ideal family form is the father of a living and the mother takes care of the household.

But remember, that does not mean the father does not have a role in educating and chatting with children, a father must provide time to chat and educate children.

Do not let the father not be involved in children’s education, because the impact stretches the relationship between the child and father, which can ultimately have a negative impact on the child’s mental balance.

Child education experts have explained that children who have tenuous relationships with their fathers will be at high risk of doing bad things, such as smoking during adolescence, to being involved in juvenile delinquency / crime.

Father must interact regularly with his child. Make sure you have enough time and quality with your child.

Travel to tourist attractions every weekend (or at least 2 times a month) is a good thing to do, which makes parent and child relationships closer.

4. Prioritizing Children

A father really sacrificed for his children, he preferred the pleasure of his son rather than his own pleasure.

For example, a father is willing to sleep on the floor and prioritizes the child sleeping on the bed.

Another example that is often found, if there is a shipment of rice boxes containing delicious side dishes by the neighbors (whether from pengajian, aqiqah, etc.) then the rice boxes are given to their children.

So that their children eat delicious side dishes, while the father only eats salted fish, anchovy or the like.

5. Friends for His Children

In addition to providing for the family, a father must also be able to be a loyal friend to his children. Father must be a person who is admired and loved by children.

Father must also be a giver of love. Not only mothers who give love, father also has to undergo this role well …

If you kiss and hug your child, you also have an important role like that. Do not let a father not close to his children.

6. Educate

Dad is a picture of a male figure in the future for a child. For girls, the father will be the benchmark in choosing a life partner in the future.

As for boys, the father will be a “model” about how a man behaves. A father must be aware that he is a role model for his children.

Father is also responsible for the education of children, father must keep trying until finally the child succeed in his education.

Training the discipline of children is also a very important role for the father. Giving affection and training child discipline must be balanced.

Do not let pity just let children lazy to learn and do not carry out their daily tasks. Children must be trained discipline to carry out all their obligations.

But don’t overdo discipline in children, for example, entering children into many tutoring places so children don’t have time to play at all. This will stress the child.

Between discipline and giving love to children must be balanced. Don’t be too heavy on one.

7. Other Important Roles of a Father 

Father must be an encouragement for his children. When a child is frustrated or having difficulties, then the father’s figure comes to give new enthusiasm back.

Giving motivation is very important to improve children’s mental and self-confidence, so that children can have good relationships with their peers, besides that children can be more rigid in solving problems that arise.

A father must be a person who is always on the alert in any condition, especially when the children spell out his help. Father always tried to come to help even though he was busy.

Father also acts as a friend to confide in and find solutions to problems faced by family members.

Another role that must be lived by the father is to be an entertainer when the child is sad or has a problem.

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