12 Characteristics of Smart and Gifted Children

12 Characteristics of Smart and Gifted Children 

Having a smart child is certainly very coveted by parents. The intelligence of a new child can be known accurately when he enters school.

 Having a smart child is certainly very desirable 12 Characteristics of Smart and Gifted Children

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As a benchmark, the following characteristics of children who have high intelligence:

1. Mastering Many Vocabulary

Small children but have been able to collect a lot of vocabulary, use difficult vocabulary correctly and produce a clear and understandable sentence, indicating this child is intelligent.

They have great potential and generally have prominent achievements while at school.

Research has revealed that children who master vocabulary / sentences well are generally smarter in their class than others.

2. Love to ask and high curiosity

If you are overwhelmed by your young child who likes to ask lots of questions then don’t be annoyed first.

Children who always ask about everything that they see signifies themselves smart and active thinking. Generally smart kids like to ask since they were young.

Ages 2-3 years old children have started cleverly babbling so they will often ask or comment about everything he sees. During times like this, children enter playtime and enjoy interacting so that they have a great curiosity.

Respond positively, if you are really annoyed because your little one keeps asking questions, then try to avoid negative responses.

Characteristics of children who are intelligent are like to ask questions and have great curiosity, this will eventually continue to train their ability to think critically.

Even though it’s a little inconvenient, you need to be grateful if your child likes to ask, it’s just that if the child has curiosity about things that are dangerous, then parents need to act decisively, for example the child wants to play a knife then say no firmly.

3. Like Imagining

 Having a smart child is certainly very desirable 12 Characteristics of Smart and Gifted Children

Imagined Children | Photo credit: Visionaustralia.org

If the child likes to imagine, he could be a smart child. Imagining requires deep thinking.

Children imagine by imitating things that are seen or felt, for example the child ponders and imagines bird-shaped clouds.

Or also children make pictures with notes (stories) that they make themselves. If a small child can do it, even though he is only about five years old, he seems to be a smart child.

4. Active

Active children can also signify themselves smart. But being active here means not being hyperactive, aggressive or unable to be quiet.

Active children are different from hyperactive children. Hyperactive children cannot be quiet, hard to focus, aggressive and impatient. The active children have a focus of good attention, easy to say parents, more patient and like to do clear activities.

It’s just that now the problem is that parents let children for hours just play gadgets, children should be invited to the park to do activities that are more useful, especially physical activity because it can stimulate intelligence.

5. Intense Focus

Basically the name of the children will be difficult to focus / concentrate on something. Well, if a child from a small age has been able to concentrate for a long time, or do an activity without being affected by the disturbances around, this child is potentially intelligent.


6. Pay Attention to Something in Detail

 Having a smart child is certainly very desirable 12 Characteristics of Smart and Gifted Children

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Smart children have the ability / habit to pay attention to something in detail, where they are able to find things that others often miss.

This is still related to the level of concentration ability, where to be able to pay attention to something in detail it needs a high level of concentration, if a small child is able to do so it is extraordinary.

Especially for new babies for a few months, for example when you put it around a high pillow so you can’t get out, if your child learns things he can do to be free (until finally he can come out even in a short time), it can be a sign that he smart kid.

7. Have Very Good Memory

Smart children can remember well about various information that they have heard and seen.

Where things make someone smart and have broad insight because of their good memory ability.

Smart kids with good memory power will find it easy to capture and remember events or lessons while at school.

Generally children who have good memories will be more confident and independent.

Especially for babies, strong memories of people or things around them can be an indication of the intelligence of your child. He easily remembers the faces of the people he met, observe who is still familiar to the child or who has been forgotten by seeing his reaction when he meets again.

In addition, if your child is easy to remember the place of toys that were previously stored in a certain place, or he can remember the location of the last time he played a toy, that could be an indication of the smart little one.

8. Easily Interested in Many Things

A child can be smart because he has strong desires or interests in many things.

This is what makes intelligent children generally more active in activities, besides that intelligent children like to explore things they want (interests). He will find out many things that interest him.

9. Already Have Hobby from Small

Everyone has certain things he likes to do regularly. But if your little one already has a hobby that he routinely engages in with him, then this is a good thing.

As explained by experts that a sign of a genius child is that he likes to learn something to the depth. From a small age, he already has learning resilience and a strong passion in learning something. This will later make him trained to easily master many fields.

Children already have positive routines / activities from small, this is very good for its development. In addition, if your child already has a routine, he will be less fussy, this is certainly very pleasing to parents.

10. Like Celinguk (For Babies)

 Having a smart child is certainly very desirable 12 Characteristics of Smart and Gifted Children

Bayi | Photo credit:  Gettyimages.com / Blend Motion

If the baby is often confused and always pay attention to what’s nearby, this can be an indication of intelligence.

The little one is very conscious and curious about the environment around him. The baby looks around when a sound appears, this means he starts to recognize the sound and tries to find the source.

Even though your little one is often confused, but he can also focus when doing something he likes, or can focus on paying attention to things that are interesting to him.

Example of a toddler who has high intelligence potential, for example when completing a puzzle, he is always focused and without being bored to try until finally successful. This indicates the little one is smart and has high fighting ability.

Being accustomed to concentration / focus will make him trained in learning everything new quickly and easily.


11. Glad to laugh and smile since childhood

 Having a smart child is certainly very desirable 12 Characteristics of Smart and Gifted Children

Bayi | Photo credit: Shutterstock.com | By Syda Productions

Parents can remember when the little one started to laugh, the earlier then it indicates the potential of the child to grow smarter higher. Where the little one can understand about what he saw and hear to consider it funny.

When your child is invited to joke and he is able to respond by laughing or smiling, it means he can quickly pay attention, understand and perceive the things around him.

12. Other Characteristics of Smart Children

Child psychologists explain that intelligent children can be seen from themselves who are adaptable, and have the desire to find solutions to a problem.

Smart children can also learn from mistakes that have occurred, this makes it very rare to fall into the same mistakes.

Smart children are generally rarely to intermittently whine for help when facing a difficulty.

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