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The purpose of the Business Law Section is to seek the participation of all interested members of the Bar in order to benefit the general public, the members of the Section and their clients:

  • by encouraging research and study, and initiating proposals for changes and reforms, and aiding and educating the Bar and the public in the area of corporation, business and banking law, and coordinating this education with continuing legal education whenever possible and appropriate;
  • by review of pending legislation and development of proposed statutory enactments to improve and facilitate the administration of justice within the Section's area; and
  • by undertaking such other service that may be of benefit to the public and members of the legal profession.

Specific substantive areas covered include corporations, partnerships, securities, secured transactions, law of commerce in cyberspace, legal opinions, conflicts of interest, and laws relating to the agricultural, financial institutions, Nonprofit and franchise industries.

The Section is governed by an Executive Committee, whose members consist of Section Officers (elected annually to serve terms of one year), Section Committee Chairs (appointed from time to time to serve terms of indefinite duration), and two At-Large Members (appointed or elected from time to time to serve terms of one year). Much of the substantive activity and interaction among the Business Law Section's members occurs through its Committees, which are encouraged to become actively involved in any legislative initiatives relating to their respective substantive areas, and to publish reports and practice materials that may be useful to the Section's members.

The Section is committed to providing services that its members value, to operating in a fiscally responsible manner, and to enhancing the professional collegiality among all Washington business lawyers.


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Updated: 12/10/12